The next day Alice awoke on the ground her mouth had a coppery dry taste in it, and her bones were stiff, but she felt alive, and care-free.

As if all of her troubles had gone away.

She really didn't even care if someone saw her wearing only a wolf's pelt in the middle of the woods outside of her house.

'Take me home.'

Yes she needed to go home.

She looked around for her clothes, but couldn't find them.

She realized that leaves were sticking to her hands and that she had some dried maroon colored substance leaving a thin sticky film on her body. 'It must have been the 'potion'.' She thought incoherently.

Back in her house she laid down on her couch.

Still wearing the wolf pelt, which she had found to have become very comfortable, she turned on the News and listlessly watched it.

The TV droned on.

"And in later news a triple homicide has been reported. The fourth of the family who was severely injured, but not killed, is delirious."

She watched now paying attention.

'Take us home.'

"But claims to have had been attacked by a giant upright talking animal. Under the circumstances this very odd case presents we are currently on the look out for some one who attacks while wearing a dog or wolf Halloween outfit. It is advised that all families stay in doors after dark."

She turned off the TV.

'So many sick freaks out there.' She thought. 'What do I have to do today, let's see first take a shower to get this dried, 'potion' off, and then find something to satisfy my craving for meat.'

As she walked to her bathroom she felt as if things were going to be very different from now on.

'Whatever had happened to Sunshine?' She thought, 'oh..Sunshine's dead.'

Author's note

Well another short chapter to wrap up this story, anyway I hope my dear readers caught on to the idea. Please review and tell me what you thought of the story.