The black, white pattern

Spiraling across my eyes

And I'm so tiered

But sleep eludes me


I feel alive

Bu un-whole

And when I think

Of humanity

I feel sick

The smiling mob

Dim a dozen clones

Fitting a stupid role

At your local shopping center

I think I loved humanity


Bu that's gone

Now my love

Has turned putrid

and I look at the way

We have all become faceless

Expressions of emotion

Next to a rain shocked window

Ion a dark room

And nothing feels

Like it used to

But life is just a fading

Of feeling

When feeling is gone

Death is embraced

So feel the heat fading

Feel passion, love,

Elude humanity

We must build

And grow



Become better, become more

Perfect everything

Strive like insects

Now matter how perfect

We are still small

Like the velvety body

Of the insect


Pinched between my fingers

And I feel bad for

Hurting life

But I'm amazingly good at it

And better at forgetting

We'll do anything once

Then forget it

If it doesn't suite our fancy


Is forgetting


Let us not forget pain

But allow us

To forget pleasure

So that we don't know

That we are always in pain