The dark spiral

That spins through our Technicolor world

It's like the fucking twilight zone



And deaths are no stranger to us

And this funny music

That plays every hour or two

Kills the roaches

From my R.E.M rebound

And the ghost stories

Passed on hushed children's lips

Of evils and wraiths

Cause wide eyed awe

But the meter

On childhood is expiring

And I leave

What I need

To find what I already had

And I wonder

If the frowning girl

In the back

feels like I do

Or if the smiling man in

The crowd

Whose eyes stray to the heavens

Has the growing animosity

That plagues me

And I realize with so much life

That I am good as dead

That no one cares

The greatness is a dream

And like every other dream

Fades startled

By monstrous reality

And I embrace

The idiot aspect

Of fondness

The draws warm blood

From me

And his faithful

Wrapped in his stilt like arms

And Memory chuckles

Lying perfectly

Mouth and eyes

And darker gods

Plague my dreams

With the alluring corpse

Dangling from a kraken's tentacle

In some flooded mine shaft

And the grey stranger on the train

Turns to a beast that tries my sanity

'and tears my flesh

and I know

that my insanity meter

is off the wall

'cause I just

helped cause the millions of human deaths

with the pigs

in uniform

who's rotting chest blow with pride

and the self-hating anarchist

who hates

by method

And the weeping

Of our crying corpse

Smashed through a care window

Face buried in steel

Bloody tears

Flood my hands

And the curs timidly

Lick the tears

While the bloated maggots

Chew through the cornflakes

And the lithe wolfman

With an almost tangible

Aura of madness

Struggles his bonds

Against the Lord of the Forest

And my three inverted 9's

Dance swiftly

With the ghost carnival ride

Among you crowd

And the mannequins

Crucify me