The sea is a smooth cup of water

Held between the lands.

It encircles me, an abyss of azure

And white and black,

Lulling me.

I am clutched tight in Nature's arms,

Protected by the comforting depth

And the raging, calming waves

That fight with the salty air above.

I send my song across the currents

And my brothers answer me.

I greet the waves to breathe,

Rising towards sun and moon

Before I break back down into the gloom.

I am invincible, a sacred symbol.

Nothing can tame me.

Nothing can touch me.

Nothing can harm me.


The waves are crying ululations of war,

Clashing with a new enemy.

I flee before I see the monstrous edifice

That slices the water so it bleeds white froth.

I ask for the sea to part; it does.

This new enemy does not ask; it destroys.

Yet my graceful flight is not enough

To save me from the bloodied claws of pain,

Agonizing pain.

It drags me from my home, away from what I have known and loved

All my life.

Something has plunged into my flesh,

Something that worms deep.

It will not be shaken off, and the more I struggle, the more I am ripped away.

Please, please, pleaseā€¦

So much pain.

Have I ever known this?

Is this what my life has come to?

A beached giant,

Helpless on an oil-slippery deck.

I hear voices-though not my kin.

Voices that speak with a false joy tainted by what they have

Chosen to do.

They are waiting. For what?

For my blood to drain,

My eyes to lose Nature's flame


They wait for my life to ebb away.


Whaling is a disgusting thing. I don't believe that people who whale have rights. Would God have wanted us to commit such a terrible atrocity like this? I doubt it.

P.S. The only people who have a right to whale are the Inuits. At least they respect the whales and do it sustainably...but I guess that's not what some of the rest of the human race want...nope, lots of people don't give a shit about species dying out.