I can hear hollow voices whispering in my ear
Their calling me, telling me something...
Saying that you still linger here somehow

Is it me?
The reason for your entrapment?
The sorrow of your heart?
The pieces of your hope?

Must I be the one to free you from your chains of fate?
I cannot set you free for I am afraid to lose you
I need you to be with me

You're what I've been looking for
I've been longing for you since the day I've become myself
You're what I've been wishing for, my dream come true

I can feel your light slowly dying
Your life slowly withering away
I can see the darkness envelope you, bring you to your doom

But still, I cannot let you leave
I want you to remain with me
I know this is against your will
But I don't care because I want you to stay with me forever

Die, if you will, but I will never let you go
Your flesh may soon rot, but I will still hold you close
Your light may soon go out, but as long as I feel your presence I will hold on

I still feel you here with me
I can feel your fear of me
I won't let you get away from me
I will lock you up in this tiny room with me

I need you and I can't bear the thought of losing you
I've lost enough; my life, my love, my hope
I'm not about to lose even you

I can feel your spirit slowly dying now
Soon enough you'll be completely gone
The smell of rotting flesh and dried up blood has taken over my senses

The emotions are taking over me
I can feel the fear rising
I'll hold on to you, to what's left of your spirit and take it away with me

... And if you go, I'll soon follow
I cannot live without you
I adore you, worship you...
Love you, want you, need you...

This lust will never go away
You're my obsession, my sweet little toy
And I won't ever leave you alone...
I won't give you the chance to escape

Therefore, it is I,
The reason for your entrapment...
The one who caged you up...
The chains of fate that bound you...
The sorrow in your heart

I am me
I am myself...

I am nothing else but I...

I am me
I am myself...

I am you.