Pain doesn't fade

He left you here to die

Do you remember that?

When he said it was over

There is no running back

You dropped your life

Put your fellow friends on hold

For a one track disaster course

And now the journeys has neared unfold

Can you remember that night?

You drank yourself to deaths door

You chased a falling bridge

Till it was no more

You cried all night and through the day

Till the sunlight passed it rays.

The wisdom of the old

Suffers from a lapse

The words just fall onto the ground

A do not touch your mouth

What could I improve echoes your minds eye

You see the black hole that is the future

You see the tears and then you start to cry

He left you do you remember that

You can't take him back

He settled himself onto that disaster track

Don't bother to look back.

It's his loss it's your gain

But I do know you don't see it that way

Forget his face, forget his name

He's not worth the pain