I wrote a poem on you

Do you know the one?

Where everything was perfect

And now I feel like scum

I really felt like dieing

When you said those nasty things

You said I was a cripple

I don't see how you could be mean

I really wished for it to be special

The thing between you and me

I tried my very hardest

But you just couldn't see

I told you all my secrets

And you did in return

You stabbed me in the back

And made me feel like dirt

And as I wrote that poem

I cried and cried and cried

I had to give up everything

Just to be by your side!

I really want to know

How everything's ok

I hate the way you hide the things

That just gets in your way

I really want to know

How you can just pretend

I never want to see your

Ugly face again.

Has anyone ever told you?

That you are really nice

People said that to me

Before I turned to ice

My emotions are now stunted

And my feelings have all gone

You act like you're the hurt one

But I can see what's wrong

Your egos hurt and records gone

No one has ever left you and run

But just believe this poem

If nothing really else

Every time I hated you

I hated someone else

I never wanted to hurt you

I never really cared

When you upped and left me

Waiting on the stairs

You had your own flings

And I always stood loyal

So as I cry this last long tear

Remember I will not live in fear.

Till death do us part

You always asked me why I live in fear

The meaning is quite obvious now that im in here

You said you'd never hurt me that plan went so well

You broke my heart as that of one lonely shell

There was that one thing I told you not to say

Then you went and said it in the middle of the day

I begged you not to say it I really really cared

When you upped and left me waiting on the stairs

I can't control your feelings nor what you say

But why did you go and say it on that fatal day

My whole world crashed before my eyes

This whole relationship was built on lies

Shocking really I trusted you to build a trust is a lot to do

Then you just went and found someone new

I hate you and I know you wouldn't care

If I just died here where you left me on the stair

I have the gun in my hand I just want to die

Just so I can see the reality and the light blue sky

So I shot a bullet into my head quick and painless

My body, lifeless