Death never wins

Scared of deep remembrance,

Of everlasting thoughts,

Of that one memories that caused a tear to fall,

Behind the tough exterior ,

Lives a lonely child,

And as your head rests down to sleep,

A whisper makes you smile.

Once when you got home from school

There was no friendly door

But an evil gateway to replace what was there before

As you wondered past the fire

To the nothing which was before

Your only wish was to be back at school as dawn

You had always hated life

And revenged your parents death

But as you soon discovered no criminal can rest

The torture you soon realised was not that hard to take

The imprisonment on the other hand made your body shake

The gun was striped straight from your hands

And the knife was to

The hate that you felt towards the world

Was soon as vanished too

Now you lye lonely in a cell

The same as you did before

The gateways have already opened

They are waiting for you as before

But before they cart you to the electric chair

I would like to sit and stare

How could you be now here?

Lonely as can be

When before you killed your parents

You were as happy as can be.