What happens when?

The only one you ever trusted

You now feel the worst about?

What happens when you feel like your crumbling?

And no one is there to build you back up

What happens when all you can do is cry?

But no one cares if you ever stop

What happens when you lock yourself away?

And no body seems to notice

Your body's drained from the questions

Your heart aches because you know the answers

Your feelings wilt, as you know what is coming

You turn the key and smile a meaningless smile

Behind locked doors you cry as you feel each wound

The deepened thoughts because you know what the situations reaching

Lock the doors and turn off the lights

No one seems to notice you tears

The rain is pouring down onto your window

The whole scene is tainted in regrets

Turn the key and lock yourself in

Your sorrows that are building seem only to increase

Your twisted minds just plot of your anger and revenge

No one can notice your eyes that look like glass

They cannot hear your voice

They can only see you eerie smile that seems to never stop.