Author's Note: I don't think there are any rules about song-fics because as far as I know they aren't fanfictions. December is a song by Puffy AmiYumi, I'm not sure how good the translation is because I'm not sure how reliable the site is that I got it off of so I'm sorry if any Puffy fan knows the lyrics and these are the wrong ones...

I think a little park and the snow is a romantic scene, don't you?

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Light snow falls around a small girl curled up on the swing of the swingset in the park. Small, salty tears fall down her cheeks as she stares sadly out at the empty space in front of her. Hastily, the girl lifts a small, gloved hand and wipes the tear from her rosy cheeks. She sniffles tries to control her trembling lip and keep from bursting into tears.

White powder snow is falling
The wind knocks on the window

"David..." she whispers sadly. The wind shows no mercy as it blows coldly against her bare face. The girl's long, black mane of hair flies behind her. She begins to lightly swing back and forth, her foot not leaving the ground. She lets out a shaky breath and stares at the rest of the park where she and her old friends used to play in so often...

I dreamt the rest of my dream
As I touched your cold cheek

The cold December air bites at her nose, her eyes become watery and red, not only from her tears, but from the cold air. The girl lifts her face to the sky and lets her tears fall freely. She closes her eyes and feels the tears fly from her face and into the air, following her long flowing hair.

Ah, the songs of the birds are happy on a sleepy day
And I held your hand tight, not able to suppress my happiness

"Please, David!"Lenore cried, "Come back!" She knelt to the ground, her hands held uselessly at her sides, her eyes wide in desperation. Tears fell down her cheeks, her chin trembled dangerously. "Just listen to me! Let me explain!"

"There's nothing to explain,"David said coldly and turned his back to her. "I don't care about you anymore. Just live with it. I havebeen listening for the past five years! Now I'm tired of it! You never listen! You never cared! I'm done!" Davidthrew his hands in the air and stormed out of the house, leaving Lenorestanding there with tears streaming down her face.

"David..." she begged softly, her hand extended to the empty doorway. She slowly followed and found herself in the local park...alone.

I am looking at your straight eyes
I will stroke your hair

The crunching of snow makesLenore look straight ahead. "David..." she whispers softly as she stares at the figure in front of her. "I'm-"

"I know, Lenore,"David says softly and takes a seat next to her on the swings. "I know..." Davidreaches over and offersLenore a seat next to him. She moves from her seat and sits on his lap, resting her head on his shoulder.

"I didn't know...I thought you hated me,"Lenore says through shaky breaths.David tilts her face to face his and wipes the tears from her cheeks with a soft touch.She is surprised, he was so angry and violent all the time, she thought that he would have rough, painful hands. They were so gentle...

"I could never hate you, Lenore," David says gently with caring eyes. "Never." His serious eyes search Lenore's face. He holds her to him, her head rested on his chest, her hands rested lightly on his shoulders while he holds them both up with his hands on the chains of the swing. He rests his head against hers.

We are waiting for spring with our small hands open
Ah, because the morning glow of this flowery city
Tinged our cheeks, we drew our hearts close together

Lenorelets her eyes close and knows she will remember the touch of David's hands against her cheeks for the rest of her life. She opens her eyes again. Snowflakes lightly touch her skin and hair, each one so different, yet the same. She stares into the eyes of David.

"I love you,David. I know you never believed me before, I know I never listened, I know it seemed like I never cared. But I love you, I always have, I always will," she says softly.

Our feelings ring in the sky, transient, but strong
The miracle becomes a gentle light, and is born

"I love you too, Lenore. You know I have. I made it so obvious,"David muttered huskily in Lenore's ear. "You believe me, don't you?"Lenore held his gaze for a long time before answering.

"Yes," she said firmly.

Lenoretilted her face toward his and letDavid lower his lips to hers and let their sweet kiss melt all the snowflakes.

Ah, the songs of the birds are happy on a sleepy day
Ah, in the city where many flowers bloom again