part 1:
there was not a sound
from the pavement
that day
but inside the house...
parents fighting
about this
about that
about everything
about absolutely
sister screams:
"it's all her goddamn fault!"
and points to the girl
in the corner
sweet revenge comes as a
and this daughter comes at a price
today she will pay with
her life

part 2:
the coroner states
cause of death:
choked with red ribbon
and everyone had an
parents were fighting
in the kitchen
sister was across the street
at a friend's house
pretending to be okay
no, she did this to
out of spite?
something much deeper
but what?
nobody cares

part 3:
they found her on the
bathroom floor
no poison
no pills
wrists and veins still intact
her eyes, a
burnt, vacant red
the day that
hell plays matchmaker...
of course!
she fell in love with her
she had nothing...
she had no one...
she was nothing...
she was nobody...
the valiant never
taste of death but once
we're getting nearer
to the bitter end
of this monologue
this epilogue and
we shall find that
no one mourns the wicked
states her eulogy:
sweet revenge comes
as a daughter
your daughter just
fooled you all again:
she lives still!
no one will mourn
for you...