Can you tell?

Can you see the suicidal tendencies I have?

Do you see the long, red marks on my left arm from pizza day?

Now do you understand

What you made me do

The only crime I have committed

Is loving you

Can you see my tears?

Can you see the open wounds you left on me?

How about the long, deep scars that you gave me

Do you even care?

You made me feel worthless

You made me feel unloved

Now I'm slowly going to the edge

I've cut everyone out

The do not know the girl I once was

I have grown cold

While I'm still broken and quiet on the inside

My light side is still there

Buried beneath all the hurt and pain

You act as though you did nothing

One day you will understand

The whole world will understand

What you did to me

And you won't like it

You will feel bad

You will feel sad

I'm won't let you get away with this

All I ever did was love you

Was that such a crime?

I guess so

I guess ever meeting you was a mistake

Every hoping

Ever dreaming

Everything I do is a mistake

I'm sorry