Ok this is all mine. This is my first so sorry if it's short. I'm in the learning stage. Well have fun! Yeah! (and all that jazz...)

Chapter One:

''Rylan, you're going to be late for school! Get a move on!" yelled Rylan's mother, Clarisse. Rylan spat out the remaining toothpaste and water in his mouth, and then raced out to catch the bus.

As Rylan ran out of the house to the bus, he felt the cold air of the planet Jupiter rush at him. He quickly got on the bus and took a seat next to Hazel, Rylan's best friend.

''Hey Rylan did ya' hear 'bout the dragons?" Hazel asked with a touch of excitement in his hazel eyes.

''No…" Rylan said slowly. He had just gotten off of punishment that morning. He threw a baseball at a window and it broke because he was mad at his mother.

''It was on the news. A woman said she saw a large shadow past over her house. And," continued Hazel, ''a boy said he found a huge footprint over in First Forest. And…"

''But that don't prove that dragons exist," interrupted Rylan. "The shadow could have been a big bird like that old earth TV show called what was it? Oh yeah Sesame Street. And the boy could have been lying. Boys do lie ya' know."

"I don't know, man. Just think about it. Dragons. The mythical beasts of old earth. It's hard to imagine but it would be so cool!"

"I really don't care 'bout dragons or anything anymore," said Rylan moving his hand through his dark blond, almost brown, hair. "I just want to get through life first. Maybe in the after life I'll go hunting for dragons."

They sat in silence staring out the window as the school came into view.

"Ok class we are going to have a new project due next Friday," said Miss Blackburn. The class groaned. "You will write a short story about anything in the galaxy. This is the creative side of English. It has to be at least five pages long," explained Miss Blackburn.

"She just wants to keep her mind off of her murderess son," someone mumbled under his breath.

"Hey I heard that!" cried Miss Blackburn.

The bell rang. The kids jumped out of their desk and raced out of the door. Miss Blackburn was trying to remind them of their parts of speech worksheets.

As Rylan was going out the door, his friend, Joey, called out, "Hey Rylan wait up!"

Come on Joey hurry up! Rylan thought I gotta get to the other side of the building.

"So Rylan, what are you goin' to write for Blackburn's class?" asked Joey when he caught up to Rylan. "I'm going to write about space aliens from Pluto. They're gonna take over people's minds."

"I don't know. Maybe about a girl whose mother left her when she was little, and her father is a drunk," mumbled Rylan.

"Wow that's deep. Try something that's mysterious or strange not tragic," replied Joey.

"Why when you don't feel happy."