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Chapter Five:

Rylan woke up slowly his wits not with him yet.

Oh, crap. What is that huge shadowRylan thought trying to decide if he should turn over or wait until it had gone away.

You silly child. Don't you remember me? Your soul mate dragon friend. You humans are so funny. Ha!

"Oh great I have a dragon that has a sense of humor," grumbled Rylan as he turned over to look at the dragon. "What is your name?"

It is whatever you want to call me. I have gone sixteen years without a name. I have been waiting for my partner all my life. Usually when dragons are born, they find their partners right away. However, I am special and so are you.

"I get to pick? Um…what did people call you before?"

They just called me 'Green' or 'Healer'. I never had a real name. Dragon partners pick out the names for their dragons.

"I'm going to have to think about it." Rylan sat up and pulled out some food.

The dragon groaned.

"What's wrong?" Rylan asked while eating a sandwich. "Do you need something to eat also?"

No, it is not that. The dragon laid his head down looking Rylan straight in the eyes. It is just that I have waited sixteen years for a name and now I have to wait longer.

"Well your just gonna have to wait some more. I just found this out. Be patient. In the mean time do you need some kind of food?" Rylan finished the rest of his sandwich, but he still had more food. He wondered how much food it would take to fill up a dragon. He had food to eat for only the rest of the week.

Oh, I ate a few days ago. Someone left some what are they called? Oh yeah cows out in a field. I just took a couple of them.

So that's where Stephen Lowe's cows wentthought Rylan.

Yep right into my stomach. They are good but not as good as the ones back home.

"Oh so when is the next time you eat?" inquired Rylan.

The next time I feel hungry.

"Which is…?"

Um… in about 4 days.

"Oh. I see. Well we need to get moving. We can talk as we walk." Rylan took one more swing of his water then packed everything back inside his backpack. Rylan started walking when the dragon asked:

Um… do you know where you are going?

"Nope," replied Rylan. "I'm just walking away from home."

Then follow me. We are going to my world. You will like it there. But…

"But what?" Rylan asked stopping in his tracks.

Well you will see when we get there.

"Tell me now."


The reply sent him a wave of dizziness. He held his head in his hands. Coolness went through his body starting from his head. The dizziness was gone and he looked up into the light green eyes of the dragon.

I am sorry little one. I did not mean to make you feel bad. We just need to learn about each other on the way to my world. First thing you should know about me is that you never ask me a question and nag me about it when I do not answer. I know when to answer and when not. Come let us get going. We are losing daylight. Climb on my back. It will be faster.

The dragon crouched down.

"Are you sure? Is it safe? I don't want to fall down now. I'm just running away. I'm not trying to kill myself."

Yes, it is safe. If it was not do you think I would let you on? Now come. Grab my back rigs.

Well it has a point. Oh, man I forgot it can hear my thoughtsRylan thought as he scrabbled onto the dragon.

The dragon chuckled then lunched into the air.

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