Penned by a Liar

Hour glass shatters into sharp- edged


cutting into hidden thoughts that bleed into all surrounding scenes

Casually breaking into even slighter shards

of broken hearts

They scatter soundlessly on the floor,

marring the clean depth

dazzling the matte breakaway

like empty words in a letter

penned by a liar

Slicing sweetly through fresh flowers

who daintily catch fire

trails of smoke spell out earth's deep-rooted desire

to grow a passion that will never tire.

Finally dropping sholders, unclenching fists

thoughts will evaporate

sin will disintegrate

Breathe a breath of releif to realize

it was quite good to wait.

Feel life's royal flush

spreading through this pulsing network

of arteries and veins

Bravery takes existence by the reins

Soon eyes open to the truth

that no thing remains the same

For this moment, that's ok.

After the flight is over

the taste stays in the mouth of air far above the earth

touching trees will forevermore

be perceived

as landing