Hypocritical Faith

Hypocrits, they're all just hypocrits

They mock

They cackle

They flaunt their Christianity

And they cackle on at those

Who do not fall under the "conformist" category

They say "be yourself"

They tell you "gosh, be normal"

They say "we're open-minded"

They tell you "the Bible says they're scum"

They block out reason

And try to cram their faith

Down your already content throat

They try to hurt you

They say they're "true Christians"

They don't try to conceal

Their malicious intentions

They tell you what to believe

They categorize you

They mock your every action

Your every word

Scrutinize your every victory

Inflate your every downfall

Tease you

Like an immature child poking a dead squirell

With a sharpened twig of "faith"
What is "faith" anyways?

The lack of reason

The blocking out of fact

The neglection of certain kinds of people



Aren't they people too?



Can't they possibly imagine what it's like?

To be robbed of security

To be left out

To be trashed constantly

To be hated for something

They can't control

Can't they possibly imagine what it's like?

To have faith

To believe

And be told you don't

To be told they're something

They're just not

I have faith

In God

But they have faith

In a book

It's not like God actually wrote it

Why can't they get over themselves?

What makes them think that

THEY are able to do the Lord's job?

That THEY are able to judge people?

It's NONE of their business

Why do they care so much?

Those hypocrits, those snobs

They snicker and sneer

They judge and categorize

They create the very hell they fear so much

They have "faith"

Yeah, right


Faith in the fabrications their parents have engraved

Into their hypocritical skulls