An old house sits in its grave
-Filled with darkness and decay.
Silently, it slowly dies.
-Inside be a forgotten life.
I stare at this old place.
-Now it shines with a new face.
Innocent it seems, but secrets within
-The time has come for sanity to win.
Shuddering, I walk away,
-Hand in hand with a child today.
Confused, the poor boy asks,
-"Sister, why must we do this awful task?"
Tears pouring out, I close my eyes
-And am in no haste to reply
But answers sought must be found
-I say, "Evil could have won."
He turns around and looks back
-At the house; he stops in his tracks
Hand wretched away, he then runs
-Back to the house that screams all guns
Startled, I call his name
-But goodness! This is not a game.
He doesn't reply and then drowns
-In the darkness of a happy frown.