Simply Go Away
By Shion -- something written due to my watching too many shows with murder/suicides. To get over my inability to write female characters, so it's about two months old.

Lolita my darling please die
You're making your mother cry
And all you ever do is sigh
So just lay down and die

Eleanor bleed on the floor
Didn't you say life was a chore
Well now it's time for something more
So slice and bleed upon the floor

Ariel go to hell
It's been so hard since you fell
And now your eyes with tears swell
So slit your wrists and go to hell

Brittany crawl to the sea
And hit your head on the reef
So you can wash up at our feet
Start to bleed in the sand, walk to the sea if you can

Jane go running in the rain
Before they write you off insane
Since you always knew there was no safe
Just run, run, run in the cold rain

Rachel stuff yourself in a dryer
Since you know you can't get higher
And you've always been afraid of fire
Go ahead and roll through the dryer