Dark of the Moon

By: Chestnuts

See me crawl under the light of pale satellite

See me walk under its deliriously beautiful glow

My skin can harbor only what it could

My blood could only fizzle beneath it shiny brook

Handle my heart with utmost care

Handle it not for those who cannot dare

I am what could see through your unbeaten eyes

I am the one who could hear those untold lies

Though I cannot save you from where you must lead

I can turn you away from headstrong steed

I'll ride my mare against your own

Deliver your soul not into the light of the morn

Do not fear my light skin and my empty eyes

They are all just tricks to think of demise

I can give you pleasure through mind or body

I can give you torture through the hearts of anybody

Do not frightened

Do not be scared

I only ask for love

For it is a blessed reward for the likes of the undead