Then Came the Rain

I stand here staring at the wide expanse of a city
The lost souls stare back at me through eyes of hatred
The sky is nothing but gray fog neverending
The music pounds in my ears but I can't hear it

The choir of Satan's angels raise their voices
And bow in their hatred to the hellfires beneath them
The bloody sun rises and with it comes the storm
The thunder and lightening sting my eyes

Then came the rain

Am I dead or is this life?
Is what I thought was life really heaven
And now I'm alive?
Could this be the life so many hate?
Or is this the limbo between heaven and hell?

I am swallowed by the darkness of the lost souls
I cannot find my way in the world, you're on your own
I tried, my darling, but all in vain for now I'm gone
Please don't die, love, for this is not for you

Then came the rain

This world is not for the easily broken
You are not strong enough for such a life
Life within your death isn't for a sweet soul
This is my punishment for not appreciating you

None of this is your fault, it's mine and mine alone
Maybe one day we'll meet again, but never here
You are too special for this place, too sweet, too kind
No one is kinder than you, that I know and so do you

Then came the rain

I love you, dear, so I will protect you from this
You cannot be taken to a world where there is no love
I want you back, darling, so we can be happy
But I wasted my chance and now I'm here and you're still there

At least they know it's my fault, not yours
At least you're not here, and I am
At leat I took the punishment for you
At least you aren't destined to this eternal hell

Then came the rain

At least you know I still love and always will