Lowest Low
by: trista groulx

No one wants to judged at their lowest low
Especially in the games of love
But you did just that and more
Cut me down and broke me
Just when I needed help most
And still I waste my breath
Trying to make you understand
Just how sick I was then
Even though you saw it plain as day
I was not me anymore
And I was terrified by who I was
Asking just for a guiding light
But you ran at the first sign of trouble
That's not love, it's the opposite
No one wants to be judged at their lowest low
Especially in matters of the heart
But you did that and so much more
I asked for hand to help me through the pain
And you took my hand
Then sold me up the river
Letting me think we were in love
Letting me believe I you'd help to heal me
While I was sick with a problem
No one can really understand
When I all I needed was some support
To keep the terrible secret to myself
Sick of being sick
And tired of being tired
You took my hand in yours
And offered me love
Let me think you would help
Then you sold me up the lethal river
And for what?
You can't even tell me!
Why'd you let me sink so deep?
Into the darkest place
Dealing with the hardest things in life
No one wants to be judged by their lowest low
But you just did that
And while I'm trying to heal
You tell me that I'm the same
I'm still broken
But at least I'm fighting
Unlike you who just gave it up
And for what?
For what, can't you tell me?