Writers Block Blues/ Lazy Sunday in The Rain

he's sitting alone, writing a bit
trying too hard to make the rhyme scheme fit
he's trying to think of a topic to do
his heads a little empty little rusty it's true

he's trying to smile, keeping it cool
words aren't flowing but he's still not a fool
heart not the head, extra syllable's dead
and if it's boring then I'll just paint it red

you know you can never, see through the ruse
everything is spinning, pretty soon you could lose
so pick up your pen, havn't got one then choose
red? no, blue!
writer's block blues

maybe it's angst, maybe it's fun
never mind how many He'd be happy with one
the page is still blank, nowhere to go
keeping it easy maybe regain the flow

you know you can never, be one to lose
writing is easy when you're given the clues
so write something rad, get some reviews
"This thing Rocks!"
writer's block blues

once there was a little poet
trying to be good at this
he always had a problem
getting to the final verse
but everyone around him
kept on writing poems so well
so he took up his pencil, (yes he did)
it's time to give those people a show

so he went and talked some nonsense
about a dragon and a little guy
but reviews they just weren't happening
makes him want to sit down and cry

but then he got up
and started
to write some songs about it
and just when
he had it
his sister turned around and shouted
"please be quiet when I'm reading!, yeah
quiet while I'm reading along
this book is really something, (yes it is)
much better than your silly song

writing poems, songs
get no perfect marks
but reviews keep falling
when you wrote this song
literary hell was calling

can people pick the songs this uses? If you can, that's good.. if not, I probably wasn't following them closely enough.