Of devils and angels

2024 New Haven City, a shit hole of a place to live in, let alone be a detective in. A few years ago it had been a great place to live in. Hardly any crime, it was one of those places you only seen in a postcard. But with big business comes even bigger assholes. So within a few years a shining metropolis went to a polished shit. My name is Jean Strider; I don't have much of a past. The furthest back I remember was to when I was 5 years old. All I know is I'm a little different. My ears are pointed and a bit longer than any of my friends because of this I keep my hair long enough to cover them. Anyway, a couple of years back I was transferred to this city after a rash of homicides had cropped up.

The bizarre thing about the murders was that it appeared that the victims appeared to have "sucked" dry. That wasn't the strangest part; there was no evidence at any of the crime scenes. No hair, not even a strand of clothing left by the perp. So for two fucking years I've been searching for a damn ghost. "All units, report of body found on Third Street. Any available units please respond." The C.B. reported. "This is guardian one, I'm in route." I said as I brought the Crown Victoria to abrupt life. A few minutes later, I arrived at the scene; it was the same as always; sucked body, no evidence.

Suddenly I heard a crash from behind me, I drew my custom 454 magnum and chased after the man. Seems I had just lucked out, the perp had got careless and took too long to escape. I could hear the ambulance pull up as I took off after the perp. Whoever he was; he was light on his feet. But I sure was not about to let him get away; he cleared over a ten-foot wall in one jump.

Even an Olympic high jumper wouldn't have made that jump. So I jumped up on an dumpster, and onto the wall, I leveled myself off and took a shot the perp. The man fell with a sharp thud, I dropped down and went over to where the man fell. The next thing I saw scared the crap out of me, and I've seen a lot of shit in my life. Half of the man's face was gone, literally, half of the man's skull, muscle, and skin were gone.

The man surprisingly was still alive, so much so he was screaming at me in a strange language. "Sorry, buddy, I don't speak psycho. But, I'm sure you can understand this, you're under arrest." I said. "He said fuck you, half-breed." A voice said from behind me. I turned and aimed my gun at the uninvited guest. "I'm not your enemy, errant." The woman that appeared said. She looked young maybe in her twenties, very cute. "Why do you refer to me as 'errant'" I said. "Maybe some other time, hero. Let's just say your not exactly human." She said running away.

Not the first time some cute girl gave me some information and left me high and dry. But I had other things to worry about; the backup had arrived and wasn't looking too happy about the recent development. I had a feeling my life was about to turn from bad to shitty real quick.

Ten years later…

My radio blared 'spark in the dark' throughout the cockpit of the 'Dark Fury'. Suddenly the comm. came alive with chatter "Dark Fury this is raven base. Are you there, Strider." A young woman's voice came over the comm. "This is Raven 5, it's so good to hear a familiar voice again." I said. "Cut the crap, Jean. I've got a new job for you." Rika said "well spit it out, Rika I don't have all day." I said.

Suddenly, the projector came alive showing a small planet. "This planet is known as Terra. It was recently attacked by a group calling themselves Dark City Trading." Rika said. "The black market, figures. So what's the mission, militia training." I said "that's a negative, your mission is not on Terra. We already have a task force en route to deal with the situation. You'll be going into the belly of the beast." Rika said "why's this, they want payback." I said. "No, this mission is a recovery mission" Rika continued as the image on the projector changed "this is Elise Aries. She is the daughter of the queen of a people of Terra; so don't get any funny ideas. Anyway, she appears to have been the only target of D.C.T." Rika said. "Why is she so special that they would only want her. Bargaining chip. It couldn't be because the ship would still be on Terra and nobody else would need a bargaining chip against a class H planet." I said. "Right, my answer is two part. Just so you know she is an elf, the reason she was selected and the reason you were selected to do this mission are for the same reason. I'll tell your part, as I said she's an elf and because by their law only elves and certain humans can come in contact with her." Rika said.

"Okay and why was I selected?" I said. "Jean you really don't know what you are. You're an errant, a half human/half Elf. I can't believe you didn't know, the ears are a dead giveaway." Rika said "WHAT?!!!" I said. "Yeah, well now for the serious part, reason Elise was kidnapped." Rika said as the projector went dark; I knew I wasn't about to like what I was going to hear. "Jean, elf royalty have one very specific trait that even they don't know about. The sound of their voice can act as an aphrodisiac to certain races." Rika said. "So they just kidnapped her to talk. That's not too bad." I said. "Jean, it's not idle chatter their after. The aphrodisiac is," she paused, In that second I saw hurt in her eyes. "It's their scream." She finished. "What the fuck, you mean their going to torture so they can record her screams. Not on my watch their not. Give me the coordinates." I said. Within minutes I was en route to the enemy cruiser. I don't know why but I was determined to rescue this girl. God I have never been so set on one goal in my life…

End chapter 1