My son … you lie there,
Peaceful now with your woman,
Having loved the night away.
This morning you will wake happy.
And I feel sorrow,
Knowing that one day
You will feel the keening pain
That comes with losing
Your first love.
Any love.
When it all ends
And the door slams in your face,
And one person,
Always hurts
More than

A/N: Hmmm … my poems all seem rather depressing/emo/sad lately! But, you don't write poetry when you're happy do you? You're too busy basking in the happiness. Anyway, I'm not unhappy really, just writing about life and what it makes me feel at times. I promise to try to write a happy poem! Soon … And if you write the word 'happy' too many times on one page … it looks like a really strange word. Heh.