The Voice is Silent


Actor; Government; Parent; Child; Hatred; Creativity; Disappointment; Truth; The World

Disappointment: My creator is the destruction of dreams and ideas

The stifling of the pen, the voice and the brush strengthens me

I am everywhere and nowhere

I was created by ignorance, the silencing of an Actor.

With the removal of Truth, everything changes

The world takes advantage of those without Truth

For Truth is a sword that cuts through the blackest night

Let me take you to a place where Truth is not found

And when it is, it is shielded from one's eyes.

Actor: It's not a nice world, or a sweet world or a good world.

Mom and Dad wish it were and they tried to make it look like that when I was little,

So no wonder they got mad at me when I started to find out that part was all a lie.


Parent: How dare you speak with such false convictions!

What right do you have to be preach to my Child that the world I created

Is a lie? I will not allow this!

Actor: Why silence what you know to be Truth?

Parent: Do not tell me what is Truth! I should know Truth better than an Actor!

Actor: This play I am performing, A Bird of Prey, shows nothing more than

The darker side of The World, a side that the Child must prepare for.

Parent: I will censor you; for you speak falsely the darker side does not exist,

Where is Government?

Government: I am here, why do you summon me?

Parent: Silence him! This Actor speaks lies about The World to the Child!

Government: This cannot be, Actor, I hereby sentence you from speaking such lies!

Hatred: (aside) Ignorance is my bliss, the silencing of Truth, my eternal enemy

For it is through him I am destroyed!

Creativity: How can you be so happy for I am shattered?

Hatred: That matters not to me, for I have had my way.

Child: What is going on? Why is there silence?

Parent: Nothing is wrong Child, now be silent

Child: But I don't understand!

Truth: I am lost to you Child. I reach out, and you no longer can take my hand.

I have been silenced.

Parent: Come away now Child. There is nothing more for you here.

It is time for you to greet The World.

Truth: Alas, ignorance has taken Child, and The World shall swallow Child whole.

The World: Without Truth, the sword that cuts through the thickest lies,

Child will not endure me and will be lost.

Disappointment: And thus Truth was lost, though Parent thought that he

Had protected the Child, in fact the opposite had occurred,

And the Child did not survive. So what was truly gained,

In the silencing of an Actor? Nothing.