I pray my penance with a pen

To write the words I feel sorry for

Because the mirror became so hard to look at anymore

I lost something I was supposed to keep

Something that meant something to me

But we all falter in our stance

When we justify everything under the world's name

But even if we stumble and fall

Like a magnet to pick us up

I do not think I have seen anything as powerful

As the love and mercy of our Lord

I became so hungry with the desire for the answers

That I forgot the question

To what I was searching for

So lust eyed to feel the things I have always wanted to

And forgot I had it there all along

True love does not come with all happy days

But with a buy one get one free pack of tissues

Because when you know, you are that loved

All you can do is love

I kiss my man ever so slightly

Because he is the king of my heart

But I hug my Father ever so tightly

Because he is the king of my soul

I love my neighbor ever so rightly

Because they are the friends of my life

Do what thou wilt but harm none

Because hurt does not equal love

But pain from loving does

I know

He knows

She knows

We all know

The power of love

We feel it in the wind

Drown in it in water

See it burning in fire

Hear it when the earth quakes

The spirits within us wake

And bring us closer to Him

Hush do not cry now

My guardian tells me that

He is listening

And you do not want to make him cry too

There are already enough puddles outside

To splash around

There is enough anger in the wind

And enough fear trembling in the earth

Enough light within the flame

Because Spirit is awaking

And He is calling your name