A/N: Wrote this because...I feel...sorry...and I think I'm a bit more of a burden then I have to be sometimes. Looking back over this...I sound insane...but I need to get it out...And for the record...this isn't about any one specific person-just the one line-it's about....everyone. Anyways, R&R me, I'll R&R you. Thanks.


Sorry...Part 2

I'm wrong and I'm sorry

I'm bad and I know it

I didn't mean to be me

And I don't know how to say this

I'm sorry I hurtyou

And I know I did

I'm sorry that I burdened you

AndI'm sorry that I wrote it

I don't know how to say what I feel

Which is why I write; to make me real

"No, Pammy, it's okay, honest-

You didn't hurt me, you broke no promise"

I did, though, I just can't recall

If it was yesterday or today

Or if it's already tomorrow

I'm blanking out and my dreams

Are broken like wishbones tossed in the trash

And I can't tell you what I need

From you taking anything would be taking a crash

Falling, falling, my emotions drop slowly

They spill onto you and I'm just so sorry

And you sit there wiping them off

Telling me I just need to chill out

Chilling out, calming down

Impossible for me

I need to be tough; I need to not drown

Learn to swim and I'll be okay

But I couldn't keep afloat today

Late nights staying up thinking of all of you

All of my friends and what I put you through

I'm sorry, you don't need to listen

And to rant and call...I've got no reason

I just feel insanely alone

And I can't trust anything or anyone I know

This patch of heart I have left is going to break

There is no amount of pressure I ever knew how to take

And I know you think I'm sorry

So you tell me it's okay

But it's not and I'm sick of your lies

Just tell me the truth for once today

"You're paranoid, Pammy, just relax"

But everything hurts when I calm down

If I stay on guard and sharpen my edge

Maybe everyone will leave me alone

And I'm sorry for writing this

Thousands of phone calls

''Just get over it''

But if not my words what am I?

Just another teen wanting to live?

Another hopeless not wanting to die?