In the Star's Omen


There was something about her lips that captured his gaze and held it there against his will.

No, not against his will. He wanted to stare at them, feel them on the tip of his fingertips, but most of all, experience them pressed on his. Those luscious light pink petals that were partly open, curved to the uttermost perfection, were teasing him.

Her eyes. He didn't need to see them to know they were an intoxicating black color, holding the beauty of the night. Countless times he has fallen within the enthralling, dark vortexes, letting himself float in a black sea.

Even her nose, the cutest thing in the world, was perfect. Each time she would get flustered, her nostrils would flare, but it simply added to her cuteness.

When did this happen?

He had never seen her like...this before.

Why was it that he found her so alluring?

He had known her all his life but, why did he see her features that way?

Not just her features but every inch of her. The way she moved burned into his body. Even the simplest of action such as walking drove him mad.

Suddenly those mysterious black vortexes turned their gaze toward his own, mesmerizing him in the dark beauty they possessed. How he longed to explore the secrets they held.

All at once, the spell was broken by her voice as it gracefully shattered the silence that was present.

"Keith, what are you looking at?" she asked with a smile.

He panicked and quickly turned away, thankful for the night's lack of light to hide his blush.

"Uh..." he struggled to find words. Did she notice that I had done nothing but look at her ever since we came out here?

Her voice filled the air in the form of laughter as her gaze returned to the stars above. The gas orbs that littered the sky reflected off her eyes, making it seem as if they held the galaxy itself.

"Uh, Andrea..." Keith said with hesitation. "There-There's something I have to tell you..."

Immediately, her joyous aura and tranquil expression faded as she turned toward him with question. A slight hint of anxiety was mixed in, something she was trying to conceal.

"Is something wrong?" Andrea asked with concern.

Keith smiled to himself. She always was one to overreact. But still...I've got to tell her.' Taking a deep breath, he slowly exhaled it.

"Andrea, I-"

"Actually," she said, cutting into his sentence. "There's something I have to tell you too but not now. Let's enjoy this."

Keith stared at her. What was that all about? She's not one to interrupt.

Discouraged by her actions, he remained silent. The stars above seemed to fade, as if to share his emotions.

Soon though, Keith decided to take Andrea's advice and enjoy the moment. He was after all on an isolated hilltop, away from the small town lights, watching the stars with the girl he loved.

Oh, so now it's love.

He's not even quite sure as to what that is, much less how it feels. But this must be it. He had never desired to be with anyone as much as he aches to be with her. Never has he seen any other girl in the say light as he sees her. She is perfect in every aspect, perfect in her flaws.

How he wished to wrap his arms around her waist and finally fulfill that desire to kiss those rose petal lips...and maybe kiss a little more...

He mentally slapped himself for thinking such thoughts. Yet, he couldn't deny it as the truth.

Unable to stand the silence any longer, Keith spoke. "So Andrea, are you enjoying yourself?" He immediately regretted saying those words. Stupid! It sounds as if we're on a date!

Andrea sighed as she let herself lay back on the grass, ignoring the awkwardness in the question Keith seemed to have added in. Turning toward him, she smiled. "Come on, you know I'm having fun. I'm out here, watching the stars with my best friend since childhood. What more could I ask for?"

A fierce and savage stab to the heart. The dreaded word of all who fall in love. Friend. Even worse when placed after the three words, '"Let's just be."

No, no way am I telling her now! he thought. Besides...I already know the answer...

However, that didn't seem to stop him from his earlier task of silently admiring her features. His gaze fell to her lips yet again.

He suddenly felt frustrated. Frustrated of what? The fact that he couldn't hold her in his arms? That he could never have her despite these emotions that control him?

Keith sighed.

"What's wrong?" Andrea asked.

"Uh, nothing..."

She smiled. "Come on, you can tell me."

Keith never knew he could blush just because of a smile, but of course, she made it possible. "Nothing, just forget it...really."

Andrea sat up and removed a couple of black hair strands from her face. The pause between her action and her words was long. "Have you ever fallen in love?" she finally asked.

"" Keith slowly spoke, surprised by her words.

"Yeah," she said bringing her sight to the stars. "You love."

He smiled as the questioned settled in. "I guess I have," he said.

"How do you know?" she asked her sights not leaving the heavens.

"You just do," he said answering the same question he had earlier pondered on.

"You just know, huh?" Andrea said as she hugged her legs to her chest.


"What would you do...if the person you liked...loved were to die?"

It was then that Keith set his own gaze to the stars. "I would be very...sad."

He suddenly felt a weight on his left shoulder as Andrea's head came to rest on it. Her hair slowly slid to her face until some of it finally made it over her shoulder. Andrea made no attempt to brush it away just as Keith made no attempt to let his vision go astray from the sky.

I don't want you to...



Somehow the day seemed different though Keith couldn't quite see how. He was following the same routine as always. He was on his way to Andrea's house to take her shopping, something she made him promise last night.

Arriving to his destination, Keith could not shake off the peculiar sensation that seemed to be with him since he opened his eyes that morning. As he reached closer to the front door of Andrea's house, he felt a strong rush of hesitation run through his body. Yelling. Screaming. It was demanding him not to open the door, to just walk away. He tried to ignore the peculiar feeling as he knocked on the door.

Immediately, Andrea's mom opened it. Her tear stained face was difficult to miss.

"Mrs. Thompson, what's wrong?" Keith asked in alarm. Everything seemed to crack around him as if warning him a second time to listen to his feeling and run away. This was his last chance to spare himself.

Shut up.

Fresh tears began to spill over Mrs. Thompson's cheeks. "Oh Keith!" she cried. "It's Andrea! She...she died this morning!"

Keith's cracked world shattered as he felt his foundation crumble. All that was present was the deep black nothingness as it crawled inch by inch into his body. Contrary to the dark beauty that Andrea's eyes held, this blackness possessed no warmth. It was evil and cold. He no longer felt anything as desolation took over.

Yet somehow he knew that this was...

Keith felt himself snap out of his dead world only to enter the other one that held the dreadful reality. He watched as it too withered and cracked. Without her, everything will die. Everything is dead.

"Mrs. Thompson," he finally spoke. "May I come in?"

She dabbed her eyes with a handkerchief she had in her hand. "Yes...please," her voice fractured within her throat, as she moved aside for Keith to enter.

Once seated in the living room, Mrs. Thompson found her voice to clearly talk. "I guess...she finally gave up."

Keith looked at her, stunned. "What do you mean? Andrea was not one to give up on anything."

Mrs. Thompson's surprised expression could not be concealed. "You didn't know?"

"Know? Know what?" Keith's features molded out confusion. His heart was racing. What was this all about?

Mrs. Thompson's sighed. "You do remember when Andrea's dad passed away last year because of his weak heart? It was a hereditary condition. Andrea was diagnosed with the same heart condition. I thought you knew. Didn't she tell you?"

Keith was shocked. How could Andrea keep such important information concealed from him? They had known each other for years, sharing secrets and dreams for just as long.

"Andrea left this on top of her desk. I found it there. It's addressed to you," Mrs. Thompson said, handing the envelope to him from her pocket.

Keith stared at it, seeing his simple five lettered name written in her beautiful handwriting across the blank envelope. She wouldn't never dot the i's. Only with his name though he never understood why. Taking it in his hands, Keith almost feared to open it.

"Forgive my rudeness but, I think it be best if you would leave," Mrs. Thompson broke through though she did not meet his gaze.

"Oh yes," Keith said with a sad smile. She had probably only let him in just to give him the envelope. Her only family left was gone. She was alone now. She must be given her time to mourn.

"I understand, Mrs. Thompson. I know this may be difficult for you to believe but, I miss her more than anybody. Good-bye." Without waiting for a response, Keith walked out of the door, envelope in hand. It soon found a place, unopened, on his bed.

Why? Why did she keep this hidden from him? Did she not trust him? Was she afraid? But of what? So many questions raced through Keith's unstable mind. They only lead to more which. All of them, however, remain unanswered. Frustrated, Keith punched the wall in his room.

"Ugh! Why!" he cried out loud in his empty house as he leaned on the wall, both open hands supporting his weight on it. Head hung down, Keith's vision of the floor began to blur as tears threatened to fall.

No!' he thought. I will not give into this! His anger was soon replaced by images of her.

"Andrea..." he whispered. He turned away from the wall and brought his vision to the envelope on the bed. He still felt afraid of what it consisted though he knew it contained the answers to his questions, the very thing that kindled his fear.

Staring at the envelope, Keith snatched it and without hesitation opened it. Her handwriting filled a star design bordered page. The letter looked just like any other, casually written for any day, almost like a note that was being passed during a class while the teacher was lecturing. Hoping he wouldn't break down crying, Keith read it:

Hey Keith! -So casual...-

Thanks for taking me to see the stars last night. That was nice, being with you. I know you love me. I love you too. I never said anything because I knew the day of my death would come earlier than it was supposed to. Or maybe it was supposed to be this way. I would not know. I'm sorry if I put you through any pain but if I would have told you that I had this heart disease, you would've gone through more. You would have been constantly worrying about me and I wouldn't want to put you through that. It would have been worse if I told you how I felt. It would all just have been a constant burden on you. I didn't want that to happen to you, so I kept it hidden. That way when the day came that I would leave, it would all be less painful and less of an impact. I'm sorry that I could not be there for you. I really wanted to. All I can do now is wish you the best. Try to go on and find your happiness always knowing I'll be with you.


Keith could not believe what he had just read even though he read it again and then a few more times after that. She loved him? But...He didn't understand...It wouldn't have been the way she described it. Of course he would have worried about her if she had told him, but he would have been there for her. He wanted to be there for her...even now.

"Why! Why did it have to be this way!" he cried out loud, crumbling the letter in his hand. Looking at the folded paper in his palm, Keith unfolded it and reread it over and over again until he finally let the emotion that was begging to be released break through. He sobbed.

He had always thought of himself to be strong, or at least he tried to, especially for her. Never the situation had he ever let himself cry. Even when Andrea's dad had died, he did not shed a tear, though Andrea's cheeks were stained with dancing streams, something that brought great pain to him. What brought Keith strength was that he was there for her, sharing her pain. As long as he knew she would be by her side, his strength was endless. There would never be no need to cry. But now, she's gone.

Keith suddenly saw her. Andrea.

Her perfect face with their perfect features.

She suddenly seemed to be there with him. A desperate vision of something lost. But he didn't care. She was smiling at him, looking at him with those black pearls. Last night they seemed to have held the galaxy itself. Keith could see it again with its countless burning stars. He was filled with the warmth he had left in bed when he woke up that day. The overwhelming, dreadful emotion he felt earlier was replaced by this new, cleaner sensation. It was spreading through out his body, eating away the dark emptiness he felt. The stars in her eyes were shining brighter than the real thing.

Keith reached out with a shaking hand at the beautiful image he saw but stopped midway as Andrea's smile cracked. All at once the stars in her eyes faded, leaving a dull, lifeless expression in her eyes.

"No," he whispered. This is not the Andrea he knows. She's filled with life and cheer, not like this cold, dead corpse in front of him.

"Andrea!" Keith made another desperate attempt to reach out for her but she had vanished.

Standing before the wall that had only a moment ago shown him his soul mate, Keith gazed at the floor through his blurred vision. Several thoughts swirled through his head as he made a desperate attempt to place them together. At the end, though, he found out how simple it all was.

The stars had faded and his world had died, but he was still alive.

Going to his desk, Keith sat and opening the drawer next to him pulled out a pen and some paper. He began to write his own letter. One filled with the truth he stumbled upon in his confusion and of his confession of love, but most of all, one of farewell to the one he would have given the stars to.


A cloudless night was all that could be seen but even so, he couldn't see the stars. He would never be able to see the stars anymore, no matter how bright or close they will ever be to earth. Even as he drove away from the city lights to that same hilltop they had been last night. Even as he set foot on the exact same spot he had sat. Only the dark night was present with a dull moon.

He held an envelope addressed to someone. A simple six-lettered name. No one was around to receive it so he crouched down and placed it on the ground, next to him. It sat there as all went dead quiet.

He stood and turned to gaze at the inked sky in hopes of seeing the firefly lights called stars, but the lusterless moonshine was the only glow. Its faded rays snaked from the dried out, cracking sphere, trying to submerge the sorrow of the sky. But it was not enough.

Before walking away, he turned once again to the envelope he had left, but it had vanished.

A new glow seemed to have pierced through the black curtain of the night sky. It was not that bright, but it was still noticeable. Bringing his sights up anew, it was there. Faint, but still there.

The soft gleam of a single star smiled upon his face. Suddenly, another appeared and another until the depressed sky glowed with a benevolent radiance. Countless lights had appeared all at once, just like in her eyes.

A smile wove on his lips as he sat down to gaze at the renewed beauty above. He now understood she would always be here. For as long as the stars shined, she would forever watch over him.

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