Back To Basics

I'm back to the old school style
the memories of bloody towels
The blade strewn so carelessly across my bed
Cuts so bloody distorting my sight
My life like the tears, bitter and endless.

There's no way out.

I've tried it twice, once more won't hurt
How much blood can one person lose right?
Scared off it the first time, too emotional
didn't want to hurt the ones I loved.

I've stopped caring about myself.

I love the release, the aftertaste
the pain.
I wanted it all along, but I never listened.
I could hear them scream, its all they cared about
Me dying tomorrow, it just didn't come.

Time to make everyone happy.

Guess I shouldn't be so attached,
That blade was my only real friend
Guess I'll be happy when I'm gone
when I know that my life can end.

Don't you want me to try?