A/n: witch realm is based off of a very strange dream I had (my dreams are incredibly complex and realistic, weird huh?) and I am having a lot of fun writing it. I hope you have fun reading it. I always enjoy constructive criticism, it helps me improve my writing style and myself. Please criticize all you want. I do try not to stereotype or use the same old love plots that everyone in the world tends to use. I am very unique in my story plots. I really hope you like it.

The night has always been a mysterious presence. Darkness has a tendency to arouse superstition, and curiosity. It doesn't seem to matter how ordinary the darkness is. It comes and goes the same way every night, and still we might find ourselves believing that behind that veil of black there lies something more as we think of many ordinary occurrences. In truth, behind many an ordinary entity lies something extraordinary. And so I will set an ordinary and very plain scene, but it will be set with the reassurance that there is something more hiding behind it.

This story begins with an ordinary police car rolling up the curvy mountain road. The plain old officer seemed to be very tired, either with his age or from the tedious task that was assigned to him. The sirens and lights weren't on indicating that it was in fact an unimportant assignment, and there didn't seem to be any sign that a human lived up in these normal old mountains, other than the ordinary small dirt road that led up to it.

The officer soon pulled into a very long driveway that appeared, to all appearances, like every other driveway. It was an old Victorian style house that had received some modifications within the last couple of decades or so. Out of the house stepped an ordinary man. The wrinkles on his face revealed the wear and tear that he may have faced in his youth. The worry lines were strongly drawn across his seemingly ordinary forehead. This man gave no notice to the officer, and continued on his way to the mailbox. The old policeman turned off his car and proceeded to slide out, his large belly bumping the steering wheel.

"Morning officer." The seemingly ordinary man called as he pretended to just notice the officer. He pulled some plain letters out of the mailbox and then began going through them.

"Hello Mr. Crane." The officer replied in a friendly voice that could have made this confrontation seem like a casual meeting between friends. Mr. Crane flipped open one of the envelopes.

"Should have known… junk mail. I thought I might be able to escape it up here but they always find you."

"Know what you mean Mr. Crane."

Mr. Crane smiled kindly to the officer. His calm disposition was almost eerie.

"Please, you can call me Gunther, there are no formalities here." He corrected as he neatly piled the mail in his hands. "So what brings you all the way up to our mountain top?" The question helped the officer remember why he really was up there.

"We got another report from old Mrs. Brumby. She said that she swore she saw a flash of lighting hit your house, and well, we would have just called, if you had yourself a phone. But anyway, she insisted someone come and check it out… to make sure everything was okay." The officer explained. "I hope it's not an inconvenience for you, everything does seem alright."

"No, it's no inconvenience." Gunther said. "Mrs. Brumby has her heart in the right place, I just hope she doesn't worry herself to death. Yes, we did have quiet a bit of a lightning storm here last night, you know how wild the weather can be up in the mountains. It hits us hard but then breaks before it can hit the valley. But we are all okay, just had to patch up a few shingles that were burned." Gunther smiled a convincing smile.

"Of course Gunther." The officer responded. "I'd better go tell Mrs. Brumby. You might think her heart's in the right place but I think she's just a nutcase. She's always seeing things up here. Well anyway, good day Gunther," The officer began to get back in his car, but he abruptly turned around, startling the man who seemed to think that this was the end of their conversation. "But say how's that daughter of yours?" The officer asked. The question was welcomed by Gunther, he appeared relieved that it wasn't about the house or Mrs. Brumby's supposed sightings.

"Oh she's doing fine, really stubborn though, but I guess that should be expected of a teenager." He said. His eyes drifted back to the corner of the house. A little grin crept across his face, a grin that the officer pushed aside as being friendly and he too grinned.

"You should take her into town sometime. It's not right for a girl her age not to have any friends, and if you don't mind me saying, a boyfriend." The policeman climbed back into his little cop car. Gunther laughed a little.

"Kamei doesn't mind a bit. She's a little shy, but we'll be sure to start going to town more often. I think it is about time for her to start being a little more social. Well, good day officer." Gunther said as he turned to go back inside his house. The officer smiled and waved while he pulled the car out of the driveway and began his long journey down the narrow country road. Gunther turned to the window and sent a fatherly glare to the two little eyes that were peeking out of the shutters. They quickly widened in fear of punishment then disappeared. Gunther only smiled, he knew his daughter too well. It was obvious that she had been watching and even listening the entire time.

Gunther walked back inside after picking up the newspaper. Setting the bills on his desk, he went to the kitchen table and began making himself a cup of tea. A little white dog circled around his legs and then went to find a place to lie down. A girl with two little brown buns bouncing atop either side of her head stepped into the kitchen. Her shy and withdrawn mannerisms seemed like that of a young child.

"I'm not in trouble am I… I just didn't know, it was my first time!" She tried to explain before giving her father a chance to answer.

"It's alright Kamei." He said as he set down another teacup for his daughter. "I didn't expect you to be able to control the lightning on the first try, but now that you know how it works, let's hope you don't hit the house again. Its not hard to explain a strange happening once, but the same strange occurrence happening two times within the same month is near impossible. Luckily today it wasn't the normal officer and his friend. They're just a little too curious for their own good."

"But you would be able to do it, you know make up a good excuse, wouldn't you? Even if it were them?" She asked. Kamei didn't like to trust her own abilities not to act up. Gunther smiled as he poured the tea.

"Of course I'd find a way." He comforted. Kamei sat down in the chair across from him as she grabbed her teacup.

"I still say if we practiced at night when no one was awake we wouldn't have these problems." Kamei uttered stubbornly, her teenage attitude unknowingly kicked in. Gunther slammed down the teapot.

"We must not go outside after dark, ever… I have made myself clear. Those rules are set for a reason and you should abide by them if you wish to remain alive." Gunther snapped. Kamei instantly recognized her father's rage and said nothing more. She only nodded her head and silently sipped on her hot tea. Gunther frowned as he saw that her daughter had once again taken up her silent mood.

"I'm sorry Kamei." He said slowly, "But there are too many dangers that lurk outside, and all I want is for you to be safe. Please promise me that you won't go outside after dark."

"I promise daddy." Kamei said as she tried to smile again. Gunther took a few more sips of his tea and then decided to review the lesson plans for that day, in order to change the subject and lighten the mood.

"We won't do anything that major, today we'll just work a little with static, and then we can review some of your fire techniques. You don't want to get out of practice. We'll start the basics of controlling water next month. That should get your advanced powers out of the way, but remember, if your studies start falling, we will have to put a hold on—."

"I know I know…" Kamei interrupted. "We'll put it aside until I catch up. Don't worry, I know Science and Math and stuff are important, but…" Kamei bit her lip, unsure if she should really ask this silly little question that was tugging at her mind, but of course, her curiosity prevailed. "Am I really going to have to be more social?" Kamei asked rather bluntly. Gunther seemed at first startled by the randomness of this question, but he knew that Kamei had the tendency to say what was on her mind.

"Kamei, the only reason I had kept you from all those socialites before was because you couldn't keep your powers from sparking. And that could be very dangerous to people who aren't allowed to know about this sort of thing, but you are growing into your abilities so well, that I think you are nearly ready. After we go over your water abilities I'm thinking I could enroll you back into a public school, but we will have to go over some new rules."

"But what if I don't want to get to know new people?" Kamei asked with a slight whine, which truly did surprise her father. "I've seen how other teenagers act daddy, in the movies we go to, and they don't seem very nice, well maybe it's not even that. I just don't think that I would belong." Kamei said quickly. She pressed her lips against her cup in hopes of quieting herself before she said anything even stranger than that. What she said was sort of how she felt, but she never could really get the words to come out the way she wanted them to. Strangely enough, her father laughed lightly. Kamei rolled her eyes, thinking the laughter was directed towards her, but then realized that the laughter was due to their funny little dog rolling around in the corner.

"Look at Oscar. I never knew a dog would be so funny." He said lightheartedly. The little white schnauzer had rolled on his belly and was playfully sniffing at their calico tabby cat, who in return was batting his nose. "At least Tammy's not clawing him, strange how well they get along."

"Yeah," Kamei laughed, deciding that her little issues should be pushed aside for another time. And thus the day resumed it's normal course, well normal for them anyway.

Math and Science classes in the morning, the afternoon was saved for her 'special' courses. After on hour or so of that they would eat lunch and move on to History, English, and even a little Spanish. This was the average day on their mountainside, and a very small part of the realm of witches, but to little Kamei, this small part was every part because she knew of nothing else.

Finally the sun was beginning to set behind the mountains. Gunther was going over some taxes and bills down at the kitchen table, while he expected Kamei to be working on the homework that he had assigned her, in her room. Instead Kamei sat on her bed, stroking Tammy's fur. The little cat began to purr.

"I'm sure going outside just to meditate wouldn't hurt. And besides, it's not really that dark." Kamei said to her little furry friend. The cat mewed in protest, mostly because Kamei had stopped rubbing her face. "I'll be back inside before he even knows I'm gone. And I think I'm old enough to handle any dangerous things that come by." Kamei said as she walked over to the window. Tammy stopped her purring and got up to mew again.

Kamei ignored the little cat's call and floated up and through the window. She then found herself a nice place on the roof and hovered over it in a meditation pose. Her lungs filled with the clean night air as she took one deep breath after another. Kamei's mind drifted into deep concentration and she felt her powers organize themselves within her. Her spirit settled and renewed its connection with the great power source. She floated in a deep calm, undisturbed by the sudden cold wind that had picked up.

Gunther intently read over the bills and taxes, looking for error. His concentration was interrupted by a little groan from the fuzzy white dog in the corner. He looked up to see his small pet roll over on his back and continue to sleep. He laughed again. Kamei had begged him for days to get a dog, and even though he was truly not a dog person, he had finally agreed to get a small one, and he never regretted it. Oscar was just the right kind of pup for Gunther: entertaining, yet mellow.

Gunther was about to go back to the papers on the table when Oscar suddenly perked up and trotted over to the glass sliding door leading to the backyard. Gunther peered put the window, as was his little pet. It wasn't long before he saw small black shadows darting in and out of the forest surrounding their house, shadows that greatly disturbed Oscar. Gunther quickly grabbed his coat and spoke in a hushed voice to his furry friend.

"They shouldn't have been able to find us so soon. It must be getting weaker." Oscar looked at his master as if in agreement. Then Gunther left quickly out the back door.

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