Comparison of the Heart

Summer sunrise

Winter sunset

Snowflakes falling upon frozen ground

Dripping drops of rain freeze on ledges

Sharpened to a point


Petals of the blossoms fall softly, gently

The flowers are turning brittle

They are dying

The weather it is changing


Within the heart is lacking sunshine

Lacking water

Cannot seem to grow

There is only darkness

Turning brown and brittle

Cracking, falling



Cannot seem to compare

Cannot seem to give what is deserved

More than gold to me

More than I can do

Only silver


Life's blood

Every drop from the ocean waves

Sunshine for every day of the year

Words will never explain

Emotions in vain


Drowning in the pain


Trying to be

Cannot seem to see

A heart bleeding for what seems

Broken at the seams

Demons growing, feeding on fears

An inner lake of tears


What more is there to say

Shaken to the core

Wishing there were enough words

Love compared

Summer sunrise

Winter sunset