by: trista groulx

Even now, after all this time
To see your face
Pretending it's all right
And faking a smile
Is like pouring salt
On an open wound
Even now, it hurts so much
To remember those darkest days
When I was forced to grow up
And you never saw my pain
Even now, after all this time
It hurts too bad
To pretend you're my friend
And fake a smile
I'd give everything away
To have never felt that pain
It hurts so much less now
But still some days,
It hurts so bad
And when I see you
My once so called friend
It's like pouring salt
On an open wound
Cause you never acknowledged my pain
Even now, after all this time
That's all I can remember
When I look at your face
And pretend to smile
It brings back those old feelings
Of when I needed support
And you didn't look past your nose
You didn't see my pain
You didn't see me at all
I'm sorry I can't see past that
Even now, it's been so long
Cause I needed all my friends
And you were never one
So why should I pretend?
That I want to see your face
And fake this smile
And pretend to be your friend
Cause you're not a friend
And you never will be
Cause you never offered a hand
When I thought I was drowning
And for that I can't forgive
So I won't pretend
Or fake a smile anymore
Cause you're not my friend
And I'm done pretending