Author's Note: I've been told that this story is very violent, I'm just going to make it clear that this is in no way related to my life. Both my parents are happy and sane and have never beaten me before in my life. Apart from that I have very little to say. So enjoy and tell me what you think of it!

That's Just life!

My long, agonised cries rang through the air, bouncing off the walls that enclosed me. My entire weight was being held up by my thumbs as the knotted leather struck my back, again and again. My eight year old body was bloody and ripped. I searched my brain for something, anything I had done that had caused this. Why was this happening to me? I didn't recall anything that might have caused my beloved parents to do this to me. So why? I needed to know, but no answer came. I sat up quickly trying to rid myself of the nightmare. I reminded myself that my parents were well and truly in jail, they shouldn't have been able to touch me now, but they could. They had left their mark on me both physically and mentally. My back was one huge lump of scar tissue and my callous disregard for others never left me.

As I strode down the hall some air-headed girl bumped into me and her books flew everywhere. I ignored her and was about to continue when she blocked my path. A red mark stretched across my left cheek.
"Don't do that again!" I told her coldly. I decided to enforce the lesson physically so it would stick. I didn't like being hurt. Later the girl bit her lip to keep from screaming and stumbled off through pain affected vision to the sick bay.

Walking later that night, I heard muffled screams coming from one house, and they brought back memories. Jumping the fence I found a low to the ground window and peered through. It was the girl from school; she was being beaten with a leather strap on an already purple back that was nigh bleeding by a man that was most likely her dad. This time the memories overran me… The cat-o-nine-tails, the screams and my parents angry faces filled my head. I knew I was no hero, but monsters like him that do that to their kids don't deserve to exist.

Almost involuntarily my fist rushed forward and glass flew through the air. I dove through the small window ignoring the small cuts that opened on my torso. I could deal with pain; after all I'd had a lot of practise. Rolling as I touched the ground I then sprang up and caught the man by the throat. As he swayed 6 inches above the ground my childish voice broke through "Why!" I demanded. I controlled myself and asked more calmly "Why were doing that?"

"She deserves it, she's illegitimate you know." He rasped through his squished throat. I dropped him and his head knocked into the floor knocking him out… and probably giving him brain damage as well. I turned to the girl who by then had stopped whimpering.

"Why did you do that, you're a fiend! Why help me?" she asked quietly.

"Maybe I remember I time when I was in your place. Maybe I saw you in a similar position and decided to do something. Maybe kids deserve good parents not ones that are going to abuse them. Maybe…"I told her. I looked her wondering face and decided to take her with me to another place. Maybe all she would learn in place of pain and fear would be callousness the callousness I showed, but surely that was better than this. She wasn't a friend, not yet, but certainly not an enemy.