Perspectives - Used

For many weeks I have travelled alone, allowing the wind to guide me and carry me to my next destination. I feel used, abandoned, and forgotten. I have lost all my hope, ambition, and will to survive. I want him like a baby wanting milk. I need him like a flower needing sunlight. I love him like Orpheus loving Eurydice. I later found out that he only wanted and loved what I had to offer, not what I am. I still remember the day when I met him. As soon as he glanced my way, I knew it was love at first sight. His eyes sparkled at the sight of me, as if he knew something I didn't. He saw right through me, and knew exactly what I was thinking, but I couldn't decipher his thoughts at all. Without a second thought, he claimed me to be his. I was ecstatic. However, life has a tendency of making you fall hard once you're high up. Sadly, as time passed, I silently watched as his once genuine smile slowly disappeared and was replaced by a lustful smirk. I knew he couldn't wait any longer; he wanted me to satisfy his cravings. I felt that he was the right one. I offered my most precious thing to him-my heart. He left me that fateful day and I've felt so empty inside ever since. Maybe I wasn't attractive enough or just too useless to keep around; but I know one thing: that is no matter where the wind takes me, no matter where I end up, he will be my Sun. But I will only be his useless, dirty, transparent, lollipop wrapper.