Overdose Stress

Help is on its way

That is all I say

I run from the room tears streaming down my face

Memories of the yester years

Echo in my head

I run from the school

And leave the gates for good

I hear the sirens start

As I run for home

Twist the handle

My parents are at work

Run up to my room

Pick up my teddy bear that you gave me the year before

Picked up that packet of crisps

I should have finished yesterday

Break my piggybank

And collect the £50

Leave a note for you

Huddled in my clothes

At the bottom of my drawer

If you survive you'll know where I hid it

How can I not of noticed

That you were so unhappy

How could I have not have seen your tears

Why did I let you have my top up pills?

I needed them after all

I thought you had a headache

That was all

You left for the toilets and I didn't see you again

I went after an hour thinking you were having a drink

I know you liked to ditch

But then I saw your lifeless body

Lying on the floor

I called for help

And gave you CPR

I did check you were breathing

Now seeing the bruises

I think I made it worst

Maybe I should have let you die

If that is what you wanted

Just to get away

I don't know why you didn't trust me

Yes I know you're pregnant

Why didn't you tell what that jerk did to you?

I can see why you wrote that poem now

I just passed it off as stress

But I didn't know

I think its all my fault.