I served my country, drafted by war,

Sent off to witness the blood, guts, and gore,

Off fighting for what had nothing to do with the American way,

Unspeakable scenes we saw everyday,

Innocent people were dying,

Their babies left crying,

Brimstone and fire,

We fought down to the wire,

We all fought on,

Pretending that our buddies weren't gone,

We were all in a hell,

Then the last man fell,

We all stopped fighting,

It wasn't worth trying,

Locked in a dark cold cell,

Buried so deep, no one could hear me yell,

Cold and alone,

Shaken to the very bone,

They killed us one by one,

The killing was never done,

I saw my buddies go,

The graves popped up, row after row,

I knew my time was coming,

There was no use running,

One day, I fell with a blow to the head,

I knew it wasn't long before I would be dead,

They drug me out to a field,

I didn't fight back, I had nothing to wield,

They left me there bleeding and hurt,

Groaning and miserable, reeling in the dirt,

When they came back, they had a container,

I didn't realize what it was, but it couldn't have been plainer,

I died all alone, burned on the ground,

Burned alive because no one was around,

The fire is etched into my memory forever,

It is something that I will have to forever endeavor,

I can still remember the flames on my skin,

The way it felt when life wore thin,

They broke my heart, and tore my soul,

Men whose nature is as black as coal,

How it felt to live in " The World,"

I will never know.