I Miss You A Little

I sit alone on my bed,

I feel like I'm dying, but I'm already dead,

I stare longingly at the door,

Hoping I might hear your foot steps on the floor,

I think about you everyday,

I wonder how you are and if you're on your way,

Sometimes I imagine how you look,

Your smile, your eyes, your favorite book,

You don't know me, you never will,

You wonder why I left and why men have to kill,

You know my name but not my face,

You wonder how I slipped away without a trace,

I wanted to be your daddy, I'm not going to lie,

I wanted to come home, I didn't want to die,

I was just stupid and lost my chance,

I guess that its all part of life's dance,

I sit here like this every night,

I fight the tears and my chest gets tight,

The tears fall down and stain the floor,

I get angry and slam the door,

I want to be strong and fight the tears,

I want to protect and comfort you from all your fears,

I know most of these words won't fall upon your ears,

And I know that none of this will make up for all the lost years,

But no matter what, you are my only one,

Forever and always, you will be my son.