Don't even ask me whyI put this up....ok so my friend saidI should put this and "ghost" up...but still

"Leave For Dead "
The secret of life lies with death,
you don't understand until you go,
Place by place times ticks away next to our faces
we relish the time we spent thinking over our lives and how they could have gone,
We don't live we exist,
nothing matters anymore,
Why bother with a living corpse,
let the dead have there rest,
for the beauty is long gone dead at best.

Leave me to this place and surrender your hearts,
for the time for saving has long since past,
Daylight will cease to last,
and shadows our minds will cast,
I don't want to be a part of this ugly world a min. longer,
you have left me to die so don't feel bad now that I accept my FATE,

Persecute me,
No longer your bloody soldier,
No longer your attack dog,
my heart has grown shallow and my wings have been torn clipped
what more do you want from this fallen angel beast,
I have nothing left,
What more can I give?
nothing to ease your tempest hearts of there delicious rage

Day by day my heart is begining to fade,
yet my insides do not rot,
And my soul does not flee,
Because my time of peace has come,
lets except the path that truth has taken
And leave me to die
leave me to die
leave me to
leave me