Apollus was a humble farmer. He watched the cattle and tended the crops. Neither was he rich nor poor, he could provide well enough, he was not married as proper young men his age should be (in those days). Marriage was the last thing he had on his mind.

Apollus was tall in his physique and quite a very frail man who could be said, resembled his goat (No injustice to the goat meant). For Apollus's sake I would have to say he was smart, yet lacked ambition and preferred his goat, Hatte, than others in his society and...Breed. Apollus, as my reader might have guessed was a loner. That did not, in any way, matter. He was always alone, yes, but not lonely.

Let us step back from our introductory of our humble minded farmer into the ongoing events of the era. It was the century of temples and idols before the dawn of time. In this century, stories long forgotten woven from the fields of war and victory are the canvas of every land. I' am not talking of the splendors of Rome, nor the vastness and loneliness of The empty quartet. This story which I' am to tell has elements of Magic. Truly, magic is underestimated, and left to the wiles and imaginations of little children. So few...So few understand the circulation of the particulate elements of energy, natural or not. An element called the nucleus could be gathered, by continual and excessive concentration or by a natural course of time, and focused to one certain part of a thought , that thought could be extracted by a certain gesture or to the greatly advanced, a single desire. Magic seems very complicated but in truth to some it is but to others it is a genetic inheritance from either mother or father it does tend to skip generations and happens in mostly female hormones. Because of the structure of male hormones, it occasionally happens, yet when it does a wizard or warlock's ability would exceed a females, or witches. There is an ironic tendency to this. That the wizards, though few, are better experienced than the witches who are widely spread.

Apollus took time to marinate his thoughts with Hatte, his loyal goat, she did not mind.

"What do you think, Hatte, is the cause of this strife eh?" Said Apollus chewing on a piece of straw "I mean, they're having wars all the time but I've never heard of woman's war did you, Hatte?" The goat only stared at her master in response "Well, it'll be a while before we go back there" and he lovingly patted the goat with one hand and the other he held the straw with.

Hatte had by then had gone off grazing and looking for more grass and apollus solemnly stared after her. How fat she is getting, he thought, and thin the others look. The fatter the better she does have the best milk. There were only about three or two goats, five sheep two cows and one donkey among his farm. Apollus was like I said, lacking of ambition. He could have been a tradesman or a scholar. I don't say this vainly, he could have become a scholar, for he knew how to write and read in so many different languages that he exceeded the limit of any linguistic and not only was his father also a scholar but so was his mother and all his forefathers as far as he can trace except one; his great grandmother from his mothers side. No one knew what became of her; some say she became a witch…