What You'll Never Know

Robert looked out the kitchen window at the rolling hills outside of his home. After his backyard ended, a sweeping horse pasture began, with nothing but thick woods for miles after that. He and his brother were all alone on the farm.

Robert picked up the remote and clicked on the TV. The six o'clock news was just coming on.

" The Austin County Hill Hopper has struck again." Said the news anchor.

Robert sat up a little straighter and scooted his chair closer to the television set.

" This afternoon two teenage boys were found slain in their home. Both young men had been stabbed to death with the trade mark slash across the forehead, of the Hill Hopper… So far, the police still have no clear leads." The anchor continued.

Robert shuddered, switched the TV off again, and then stood.

" John, I'm going outside!" Robert yelled up the stairs.

Rob opened the sliding glass door in the kitchen and let the cool evening breeze wash over him. The sun was setting, leaving a gold and purple haze on the horizon. Horses were trotting playfully about the pasture. Robert walked casually across the large-open yard to the paddock gate.

Leaning on the gate, Rob watched the horses. After a few minutes he unlatched the gate and began walking slowly across the pasture. When Robert was half way across the pasture, he turned to face the house.

Through a second story window, Robert could see John working intently on the computer in his room. His brother's shadow was cast against the rear wall. Robert failed to notice the second shadow that loomed just out of sight.

Rob stayed in the horse paddock until it got to cool to stay outside. He quietly shut the sliding glass door, and made the short trek across the kitchen to the staircase.

" Hey, John, what do you want for dinner?… John?!….John!"

John did not answer.

Perplexed, Robert started up the stairs. Everything appeared normal, John was probably just working really hard on his English assignment.

As Robert opened John's bedroom door, his shoes squished on the carpet. Leaving the door slightly ajar, Rob crouched down to get a closer look at the carpet. A large, red, semicircle was creeping under John's door. Robert reached out his hand and laid it flat on the carpeting.

He jerked his hand back.

Crimson droplets covered his hand. Robert reached for the door knob, but before he could push is open, something smashed into the back of his skull. Robert collapsed face down on the carpet. The copper scent of blood drifted into his nostrils