by: trista groulx

There's someone deep inside you
Yearning to be freed
But you wouldn't let him out
Not while loved ones watched
Not with those you knew
Looking through their scopes
I saw him deep within you
Asking for his freedom
He wanted out to play
You never allowed him that
Only letting him peak
But soon he could not be caged
And he tried to play
You shoved him away
And lied and hid the truth
Was he worth?
Was he worth a broken heart?
There's someone deep inside you
Begging for his freedom
And my voice became his shackles
So he sent me far away
I saw him deep inside
Asking to come to play
I was not what he wanted
And I fear he may destroy you
He pushed you to him
Far away from me
Then you kept it all from me
Lying by omission
I thought that it was me
And tried to fix my mistakes
But it was all you
It was all him
You never told me
Until much too late
About that person deep inside
Who's been begging to explore
A person I can never be
So you just left me behind
Never wanting to look back
Tell me was he worth it?