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Chapter One; Not Normal


Sometimes, I just wish I was normal.

But sadly, that's not the case.

I'm a witch.

Yes, you heard right. A witch.

No, not a stereotypical kind of witch with a bad hat and a wart on her nose. I look like any normal seventeen-year old, only... I have powers.

Although, there are some times when I just want to escape. Not many, but a few.


I groaned and rolled over, somehow managing to tangle myself in my sheets and fall out of bed as I did, hitting my floor with a loud thump.


"ALL RIGHT MUM! I'M UP!" I called back to her, hearing her heading downstairs. I threw of my night shirt, slipping on some clean underclothes, then my favourite black jeans and a dark blue shirt with the words 'what are you lookin at?' in orange.

Yeah, I'm a tomboy. But you'd be too if you were me.

Wicca seriously leaves no time for much else. Plus, I'd prefer to just look like me.

I bent down to look in my small mirror on my desk, sighing. My fiery red hair was a mess and my eyes were always too blue for my slightly tanned complexion. I got my grandmothers eyes, but the rest of me pretty much looked like my dad.

My fraternal twin sister got all the looks. The gorgeous blond hair of our mums, the cute baby face, even the puppy brown eyes that could melt any guys heart. Plus, she was stick thin, even though she ate like a horse. I however, had to watch what I ate.

Lucky girl.

I shoved my hair back into a messy ponytail, then trudged downstairs to start another day of the only real torture in my life.

And that torture... was school.


"You're kidding me!"

"I'm not! Does this face say 'I'm kidding' to you?" Damien asked, pointing to his own face. I groaned, slamming my forehead against the locker.

A little warning? That seriously hurts when you do that.

"So, this guy... Mark, was it? He really stole your lunch money?"

Damien just glared at April, a blush rising on his cheeks.

Damien was sixteen, and a hell of a looker when you seriously got down to it. Tall as me and April, with dark brown locks of hair falling over his face and aqua eyes that could seriously glare when he was mad. We'd grown up with Damien, since his mother and our mother were so close. Well, more than.

I mean, c'mon! They were THE Destined! The two chicks that killed off the Devils Daughters, and seriously tipped the balance for us. How could they not!

"And... you didn't try to stop him?" Katie, his fifteen-year old cousin asked as she put a book back into her locker, then drew another one out. To her credit, Katie seriously didn't look fifteen. She looked about our age. She was about an inch shorter than us, with long black hair always braided, and eyes so blue it was almost terrifying sometimes. They had an iciness that no-one could match.

"Uh, what was I gonna do? Turn into a ten foot dragon and bite his head off?"

"You could have" April grinned cheekily. I just rolled my eyes.

"You're a boy. Figure it out"

He just stared at me.

"Sometimes I think I spend too much time with you hot heads"


"Uh, school? Trouble!"

"After school you dweeb!"

"Has anyone remembered what our parents taught us about not getting into fights?" Katie asked rolling her eyes.

"Duh. That's why you don't tell them. And we use a small memory spell to erase Marks memory of who belted the crap outta him"

"My my, is this my beautiful, never-hurt-a-soul twin that's talking" I asked, smirking at her. She looked at me and smiled.

"Hey, if someone messes with one of the mob, the whole mob mess back"

"We're a mob now?" Damien asked.

"Yeah. Duh dummy. We hang around each other often enough" Katie said, rolling her eyes again. She was in one of her sarcastic moods again...

"Well, I'd better run. I've got some work to catch up on" Damien muttered, shaking his head and walking off.

"Hey D!"

He turned to look at me "What?"

I grabbed an apple from my locker and threw it at him "Keep your strength up! We don't need you fainting if we go hunting again!"

"Whatever" he took one big bite of the apple, then waved with the apple still in his hand and walked off.

"And to think, he and I have the same math class next period" Katie muttered, walking off after him.

"Maybe you can protect him"

"Chloe!" April slapped my arm.

"Well? He obviously needs some help"

"Not always"

It was true too. When Damien got into the fight, he kicked ass.

"I gotta clean my axe after school too. I'm afraid it'll rust and be useless when our backs are against the wall" April muttered, fixing her bag on her shoulders, then smoothing her white sundress down. The white flower pin in her hair made her look almost angelic.

And to think, she was talking about cleaning an axe while looking like that.

Sometimes our lives just get too weird, even for us.

"All right, see you later" she gave me a kiss on the cheek, then walked off to English. I stood there, trying to remember what class I had, even though my mind trailed over the fact that I had the same problem as her with my swords, then turned on my heel and headed for P.E.

As I said, there are times when I wish I was normal. This was one of those times.


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