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Chloe looked down at the smallish book we'd been given by the new age store guy (yes, guy). It was a strange mixture of grey and black, with some red in it. She opened it, and I looked over her shoulder as I realised the pages were ancient.

"How old did he say this book was?"

"Uh, about fifty something? A hundred?" Chloe shrugged as I began to read the old black words.

"Four shall unite-god this sounds like a bad story already- four shall unite, and two shall become one, to defeat the evil that is evil itself" I looked up at Chloe, who shrugged.

"Beats me. Evil itself would be the devil I think, but he can't come here in any form, that much I know, and the ones who possibly could, the devils daughters, with all this activity, but they're both dead. So I really have no idea what theyre talking about" Chloe said honestly.

"Me either" I scratched the back of my head, wondering if I should get a haircut or not. I know, weird thought in times like we were going in, but then I cant really control what my mind thinks about.

And its better than thinking about the bad things.

"Two souls into one...two to one...it must be joined... something about this two into one thing is confusing me"

"Two into one?"

"Yeah, I think I get the four thing...since we're the four, but.. two into one? Is there something we need to get and like, join the pieces or something?"

"I wish I knew" I muttered, looking around this strange town. The herbalist was in our town, and didn't have much she could tell us, so we bought some herbs we'd need off her then headed over to the next town in Chloe's mums car.

Which was...

"Uh, hey Chlo?"

"Whats up?"

"Wheres the car?"

"Its-" She stopped when she looked up and saw what I'd seen. No car where the care had been parked.

"Whoa, where'd it go?"

"Thats what I was gonna ask you"

"Oh man mums gonna kill me" She took off around the corner, and I followed her, both of us hoping it was at least close by.

"Think it was maybe...carjacked"

"Oh my god how could I not think of that?" She moaned.

"Maybe because we've been having too many paranormal experiences at once that you think its linked to them"

She just shrugged "How the heck are we gonna get back now?"


She just looked at me "And what about our herbs? We need them"

"Well, I can always take a fly around and see if I can spot it" I suggested, smiling up at Chloe. She sighed, then shoved me into a small alleyway kind of thing "Go on, but hurry"

I nodded, checking around for anyone or anything that could see me, then shifted to golden eagle, taking off into the sky, just loving the freedom.


Kate, just focus on finding the damn car! We need to get out of here!

I sulked inwardly, flapping to get some altitude over this place, hoping I could find it soon so we could get back to the others with the book that Chloe was now stashing in her jacket. I scanned the streets nearby, going higher to see over the taller buildings into the next streets, finally making it high enough to see the whole town.

Wow, what a view! I can see-hey!

What? Chloe asked from far below.

Weeeeee have a problem.

Which would beee...

Demons. Katak Demons to be precise.

Katak?!! In broad daylight?!

Yeah, they must be getting bold.

Well what are you waiting for?! Lead the way!

I turned in the direction of the chaos happening, leading Chloe through the streets to where the Katak demons were, cornering what looked like a bunch of school kids.

Katak demons looked a hell of a lot like the steryotypical version of the devil. Full red, with big horns coming out of their heads, only with a very human like face, no goatee (as much as people thought they were) and instead of hooves for feet, normal legs and feet. They usually carried a strange marking or two on their chests/stomachs or back, and wore black pants or a small backless kinda dress (yes, they actually had genders) and no shoes.

Katak demons were hard to figure out. Some were as stupid as anything, others... could be so smart you woudn't know what their next move was. They could confuse you by simply speaking.

I prefered the stupid kind...and I kinda hoped these ones would be.

We finally reached the place with the demons. The kids were pressed against the side of a building, with what looked like their teacher or a parent in front of them, trying to guard the group of about eight or nine kids.

"Get back!" The woman said as they approached. From what I could see there were about four or five of the bastards surrounding them.

Katie get big and mean! Chloe snapped at me as she whipped out her sai's, running full tilt at them.

On it! I landed, focusing on transforming myself into a very large black panther. Teeth exploded out of my forming mouth as my tail melded together and shot out to become that of a cats. Feathers sucked back into my body, and my knees reversed direction, my legs themselves growing and thickening as my arms reshaped themselves, paws forming out of the ends of what used to be the wings. My ears sprouted, moving up to the sides of my head, and my eyes changed, not loosing any of their sharpness.

This was it.

I dove forward, seeing Chloe had already started to kick ass, kicking and punching and more or less guiding the suckers away from the poor little kids and their guardian.

Here's bitch! I yelled, diving into the frey by body slamming a guy Katak from behind, knocking him down and grabbing his throat. He shrieked, trying to grab at me with his lameass claws. I pinned his arms, down, breaking his neck in one final bite.

"Ah!" I heard Chloe going at it, and I turned my head in time to see her stab her sai's into a female Katak.

Go Chlo! I yelled, then yelped as something landed on my back, screaming "Yeeehaaw!"

Oh nooo you dont! I fell to the ground, rolling onto my back with the Katak under me, shifting to a polar bear and making them shriek, deciding to make myself massive. It shrieked more, and I rolled off it, shifting back to the black panther, finishing it off too before going to my next victim.

"Three down! Ha!"

Three? Wait...hadn't there...


"Ow! Don't have to scream it"


"Yeah, I know. They must be coming from somewhere near-by!" She slammed another one in the gut, dissapearing from my vision again.

So what-

"NO! LEAVE HER ALONE!" The woman suddenly screamed, and I spun to see one of the demons had grabbed a little girl, and the little girl was fighting.

"Kate!" Chloe yelled, jumping over the shoulders of a demon, and I knew.. I was closer..

I dove after the demon, grabbing its arm and tearing as much as I could. It let her go, but before she could even move to go back to the teacher, she was suddenly...gone.

"What the fuck?!" Chloe yelled, and I looked up to see a Soul Harpy, a lone Soul Harpy, starting to drop the little girl. But I knew...it was too late...

Chloe ran and grabbed her as she fell, cradling the little girl in her arms.

"I'm so sorry" She whispered, and my heart broke seeing her like that.

CHLO! THE OTHERS! I yelled, turning my attention to the other children, knowing I couldnt let them end up like that child.


"On it" She hissed, and we both turned to go protect the rest of the children...

"NO!" We both watched as the teachers throat was cut... and... and...

Oh my god! I gasped, watching as four swarmed around her, grabbing her and...devouring her, to put it nicely.

Sharing demons.

"Quick!" Chloe chucked them away as the kids screamed and cried, and we lost one more before we managed to get there to protect them all, guarding both sides.

What do we do?! There's too many of them!

"Just a second... " Chloe put her hands together, fingers intertwined and both index fingers straight up. She closed her eyes, mutttering words of a spell as I fought them back, starting to wear down.

"Take this!" She suddenly screamed, opening her hands wide as bolts of electricity shot out, hitting each and every one of the demons coming at us, knocking them down, killing some of them.

What now?

"Well we gotta get them to a place of safety"

And where would we find that?

"A church, or a place of spiritual energy"


"Don't worry, theres always one place in every town like that"

So...how do we get them there?

"Kids?" She turned to the small huddle of children, kneeling down in front of one, taking his shoulders gently and looking at him and the rest as she spoke "How did your teacher get you here?"


"Come on, it will help us protect you"


"Come on, its okay"

Let me try.

I shrunk, becomming more human and making the kids shrink back.

"Its okay kids" I said gently "I won't hurt you. I'm here to protect you?"

"P-protect us from the evil people?" A little girl asked, and I kneeled down, nodding.

"See, I become the big kitty so I can protect you from the bad people"

"Miss Fay brought us here in a bus" Another girl spoke up.

"And where's the bus?" I asked sweetly, giving him my best smile.

She pointed, and we looked over to see a small white mini van bus thing. You know...them things.

"Wow, flashy" Chloe muttered, and I just nodded.

"Come on kids, lets go" I took the little girls hand that was close by me, heading towards the bus. Surprisingly she didn't resist, and neither did any of the others, who followed me like lost puppies. Chloe took up the rear, since some of the demons were still moving.

We got to the bus, and I... without any problem... opened the door, hurrying them inside. Finally, with all the children in the bus and taking their seats, we looked around at the demons, some of which were starting to get up.

"We gotta get moving"

"I hear ya" We dove inside, and realised we really didnt have the keys for this thing. I sat down, looking in the usual places, Chloe tapping around beside me in the passengers seat.


"On it" Chloe touched the keyhole, muttering some words, then pulled her finger back, materialising what looked like a key right out of the keyhole. She held it up "I'm driving"

"Hell no" I snatched it off her, shoving it in and turning the ignition.


"I'm driving! Buckle your seatbelt!"


I turned back to the kids "Everyone buckled in?"

Some of them replied, but I could see the rest that didn't had theirs on.

"All right, lets get outta here!" I slammed my foot down on the gas pedal, the tires screeching as they took off, making Chloe shriek and fall backwards down the small isle in the middle.



I spun the wheel, narrowly avoiding a building, bumping over the curb and then back onto the street, finding I was face to face with a demon and slamming my foot down, running it over.




"I'M ALL GOOD! JUST BUCKLE IN!" I called back as I rammed a few more demons, then turning into another street, keeping my foot as far down as I dared to.

Chloe finally managed to get up beside me, sitting in the seat and buckling up.

"Which way?"


"All right!" I spun the wheel.


"OH! SORRY!" I narrowly avoided hitting a lamp post, bumping back onto the street, hearing the kids screaming a little.

"Look at what you're doing, scaring little kids"

"Oh I am not"

"Well theyre kinda screaming"

"Because of the demons still chasing us"


"You really didn't know?"

Chloe looked back, then her head shotback to me.

"Uh, what the hell?"

"Thats what I was thinkin!" I spun the wheel when there was a street, all of us kind of tilting to the side as I did, bumping over a corner then back onto the street.

"Chloe, can you feel-"

"We're getting close. Man its alot of sacred energy"

"Alot? How much we talking?"

"Like... a... I don't know-RIGHT!"

I shot right, then saw a barrier and went left, all of us screaming as we went through a fence, landing quite painfully and suddenly I was finding we were tilting downwards.


"Don't ask me, just keep your foot on the pedal!" She looked back, and I nodded.

It was then that we went from weird kind of grass to... well, sand.

"Where the hell are we?!"

"DONT STOP THEYRE TOO CLOSE!" She yelled, and I felt something slam into the back of us, making the kids scream uncontrollably.

"All right!" I pushed harder if it was possible, and suddenly we were going over a sand bump...


We hit water, the kids screaming and giving me the biggest headache.

"We're here!" Chloe announced, and we looked back to see the giant red demon thing dissolving in the water as we...well, sunk.

"It's okay kids! We'll be okay now! The big bad guys are gone!" I told them over their screaming and crying, which quietened them down some.

"Okay, I'll get us out of here" Chloe started to use her powers, picking us up and setting us back on land.

"Think they'll be okay?" I asked, looking at the kids.

"They will. Theyve been drenched in blessed water, so the demons should leave them alone now"

I sighed "So... what do we do?"

"Drop them off at their school and high tail it home of course"

I blinked "So we're just gonna leave em?"

"Well...we have to get back to save the world"

I just stared at her, watching as she slowly started to grin "Oh, and by the way?"


"I'm driving from now on"


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