Barbed wire
Barbed wire
Barbed wire
Something has grasped me by the throat
And I think it is sharp
And rusty
It is painfully blunt
Of you to say such things

What magic there is
When I am not awake
Until I awake
And you are still living.
You live within
And what can I say
Except that you and I
Are the same?

What do you hold dear?
Is it that which I hold dear?
Somehow I think not
Because you're diseased
And I'm just dying

I can do nothing
Except sit and burn away the barbed wire

Don't you see
That this is all I am?
A shallow covering of humanity
Over such bitterness and despair
As you can barely imagine
You are nothing at all.

I cannot come to terms with this
Because I feel so tragic
When I am just an idiot
And nobody said it better
Than anybody else.