There was hope in that song

Despite the door slowly closing behind us on this past year;

The goodbyes written all over Lindsay's face

And Donna,

As she avoids everyone's eyes, far too close to tears.

There is a sort of happiness among the memories


Despite our Senior's departure into a world we have yet to reach

So we whisper "That'll be us next year."

Impecably calm, as always, stands Ryan,

Never afraid to laugh at himself.

Then Jennifer,

No longer the stoic one; I know better now.

"So I'll sing you this song

as you go on your way."

A sung farewell to the school that made them who they are.

And Mrs. Duncan hides it so well,

How it pains her to watch them go,

But I can see it.

"I leave with a song in my heart."

It's not the first time,

Nor the last,

But sooner or later, we'll all meet again---

---Fate is great like that."

6/2/2005 12:12pm