I am sure
That you are still alive
And you stab at me
Every time I remember
And every time I forget.

To you, I am a silhouette
But to me,
You cracked my mind wide open
And I couldn't handle it
Because I was so cruel
To myself
And I wouldn't get out
Before the flames took hold
I didn't think it was worth it
But now I'm writhing still.

Why can't I hold myself down onto the stretcher
And get myself out of this grave?
This is colder than anything
I have ever known
And it shouldn't be so cold
When I'm burning so intensely
I am crying out
For solitude
Among the crowd
Because when I am alone
I feel paralysed
When I'm with you
I have to leave

This is too much for anyone
And whatever it takes
I must get to sleep.