School Bus and School Life

Look at the people on the other side

Smiles on their faces

Trying to act fine

You can see there troubled, you can see their fears

You can tell they feel like crying

But you just don't have the time

To ask what is wrong to see if you can help

I look at myself on the way back from school

All these people laughing, everyone is smiling

Its Friday night no one is upset.

Why should they be?

Sometimes I look at my mates and ask myself a question

Is this ever going to be enough?

The smiles and the fake plastic laughs

The asking what is wrong, wishing you were fine

I look at my mates hoping to see something that is human

Not that crowd pleaser smile

I look at the people on the other side of the window

They all look so different

Each face the same

Each line tells a story

Yet to be ended

And each tear tells a thought that should not be released.

Each so different, each so unique

Each face remembered forever, there name no one speaks.

I wonder again but silently to myself

Is it just the school, trying to please the crowds?

Or does it carry on till we are grey and old

Each person holds a smile as if it a precious gift

Not a passing thing

Those who hear it treasure each laugh

I look into the bus, the fight with consequences to

Each person gasping and screaming some not even looking

But still everyone is smiling

Sometimes I think everyone must have problems and be like you and me

But with those fake smiles at school

You just cannot see.