Because you love me

I was afraid to love you

From fear of a broken heart,

But it is undeniable how much I miss you

Whenever we are apart.

If you didn't know, you have almost completely coaxed me from my fears,

Wiped away my invisibly shed tears

And I have faith that you will always be hereā€¦

Because of how you love me.

Because you love me,

Love me for me

And since that is all you'd ever want me to be,

I can love you back with ease.

You have unbroke my heart

That had fallen apart

And I am so glad it was with you;

My new start.

This is everything I hadn't wanted

Yet now that I do,

I can't remember what I did when I didn't have you.

I love you so much

So I hope you stick around

Because everything I've wanted,

I have already found.