Demon Within

Look past the face and body

It's where you will find

The pair of bloodshot eyes

Of the demon kept inside.

You witness the crawling of my skin;

The movements of the demon within.

My whole body violently shakes

Now that it is fully awake,

Demanding and overdue breath to take.

Madness overcomes me as it takes over my brain

It's blood is rushing through my veins

It's wild nature cannot be contained.

It's devilish scent seeps through my pores

(Funny I'm wishing still for more)

An intense pressure is in my throat;

The need to scream is becoming too great.

My muscles tighten along with my skin

The demon is almost free from within.

It's as if the demon steps right out.

It sucks in the air

And expands itself wide

Then unleashes all the emotion bottled up inside.

Finally it has let itself go

So it goes on back "home"

No longer free to roam


Everything becomes to great

Then it will come out of it's cage

And release again all of its rage

Back to a clean slate;

The beginning of a new page.