This is one of the many poems i wrote recently, so get ready for a huge influx of my work! hehe....well....this poem is, as I said, dedicated with as much love as humanly possible without being lesbo (no offense meant), to my bestest friend in the whole wide world. You know who you are.

This just sorta came to me, ya know how that goes. I love it when Inspiration decided to favor me. Yay!


You go and I follow

No tears and no sorrow

Down into the watery

Fires of hell

Then beaten, exhausted

The demons accosted

After from grace and

From glory we fell

I'm free and I'm falling

I'm hopelessly calling

Then seeing your face

I am saved by the light

On angel's wings given

The prospect of heaven

I dance in the glory

Of ne'er-ending sight

With you I'm completed

Without you, deleted

And frozen and broken

Alone in the cold

But you came to guide me

To help and to hide me

From evils and dangers

The world's known since old

We'll cry and we'll stumble

We'll mess up and fumble,

But just cause we trip doesn't

Mean we will fall

Our hands clasped together

Best friends till forever

We'll gladly go forth

And we'll withstand it all

No matter the danger

The fear or the stranger

We're dancing forever

Beneath a warm sun

And never despairing

A trail we are wearing

And living together

Forever as one.


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